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Current Opportunities

Partners for Conservation

International Development Intern, Musanze District, Rwanda

"Partners For Conservation believes in the innate capability of every human being to promote, protect and conserve biodiversity. Therefore, everyone is a partner. This logic creates a harmonious feeling for both sides (donor and beneficiary) and facilitates a feeling of ownership, as well. To do so, Partners For Conservation puts the beneficiary (referred to as a partner to acknowledge his/her contribution) in the center of our intervention. Once this partner is given the opportunity to express the needs of the community based on their existing priorities, a proposal that meets the community needs/goals​ can be developed. At Partners For Conservation, you can volunteer, research, donate, fundraise, or partner with us to design or manage your biodiversity related project. All these qualities both innate and gifted give you a privilege to be called a Partner in promotion, protection, and conservation of our biodiversity."​​

Partner community in Musanze, Rwanda
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